Corporate Profile

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Alliant Energy Corp. is a public utility holding company headquartered in Madison, Wis. Providing customers in the Midwest with regulated electric and natural gas service is the company’s primary focus.

As the company’s growth platform, Alliant Energy’s utility business is the primary target of future capital investments. The utility business consists of Interstate Power and Light Company and Wisconsin Power and Light Company. These utility subsidiaries provide electric and natural gas services to approximately 960 thousand electric and 410 thousand natural gas customers in the Midwest.

Alliant Energy Finance is the parent company of Alliant Energy’s non-regulated businesses. The future of the non-regulated business platform includes a portfolio of lower-risk, mature businesses which are not expected to be significant users of capital.

Alliant Energy seeks growth in its utility business while minimizing customer rate impacts and remains committed to maintaining investment-grade credit ratings. Alliant Energy, a S&P 500 company, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “LNT”, currently pays an annualized targeted dividend of $1.26 per share.